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This is the new and exciting service for everyone who wants the expertise, choice and variety of visiting their favourite cannabis dispensaries with the ease and convenience of a bespoke delivery service. If you live in Downtown Los Angeles or the areas around Los Angeles then we're proud to present to you our delivery service - with delivery times as fast as 30 minutes in some cases. This marijuana dispensary service is the ideal way to get the exact variety of medical cannabis that you need - you can expect all of the expertise and choice from the best and largest marijuana dispensary straight to your door, workplace or wherever is easiest and most convenient for you personally. Our thousands of satisfied customers are a testament to our customer service dedication. You can contact us with orders or questions at any time through several methods - text, Facebook and more. You will receive contact updates on your delivery status so that you can place your order and then go about your day with confidence. You will not find this sort of range of products and expertise outside of the largest, busiest marijuana dispensaries and this is something that we can pledge to bring right to your door. Our service is fast, efficient and safe - we look forward to impressing you.

There are any number of reasons why you might not be able to make it to cannabis dispensaries - you might have car troubles, medical issues or any number of scheduling commitments. With our service you can rely on the medical cannabis that you require delivered direct to you, safely and discreetly. You have also got the advantage of being able to browse and choose from our extensive, quality controlled menu 24 hours a day from the comfort of your own home. Please take advantage of our years of experience and choices to rival any physical marijuana dispensary. As well as the fast delivery times you can also choose to schedule your deliveries weeks in advance so that you have the satisfaction and comfort of knowing that your product will be there for you exactly when you need it!

For many people visiting the dispensary in person is just not an option - furthermore after making the journey there you can't be guaranteed that the exact strain that you need will be in stock or that the tender will have time to advise you, personally, on exactly the best product and methods for you to use - especially if the dispensary is popular and busy. With us you can be guaranteed of our full range and expertise before you order.

Cannabis delivery - incredible menu

In terms of strains we have one of the widest and most comprehensive menus available anywhere in the United States. Not just in terms of BCD dominent, Indica dominants, Sativa dominants or hybrid strains we also have, and can fully advise on the use of, a wide range of alternate methods of taking your medicine. For many people the renowned benefits of medical cannabis are tempting but they have concerns about smoking - not only do we have the full expertise and knowledge to advise you on alternatives we also stock a full range of vaporisers, edibles and many more to give you every option available.

We are confident that once you have browsed our full menu and taken advantage of our delivery service that you will never want to go back to having to physically visit the marijuana dispensary in person. We have the best and finest quality of marijuana products that you will have ever seen. The ability for a fast delivery or regularly scheduled deliveries will take all of the stress and anxiety out of your purchase. Although you should of course proceed off the back of a recommendation from a medical practitioner, our customers have reported relief from PTSD, chronic pain, insomnia and many more ailments. We firmly believe that these benefits should not be limited to any user just because they don't happen to live close to a dispensary or for whatever reason have difficulties attending in person. It is our mission and proud to bring this variety and range to you through convenient and easy deliveries.

Efficient Cannabis Delivery

Products can be delivered to Los Angeles downtown,Venice,Mar Vista,Culver city, Santa Monica and surrounding areas. Find your favourite local dispensary and products on our easy-to-use platform at Give or take traffic and the area you live in, delivery can take up to 90 minutes, especially for orders placed on the weekend. Read reviews left by other patients about which strains taste the best and which strains have the most medical benefit. Leave a review on the website to inform other users about products and dispensaries. Our directory includes a broad range of products to suit different patient needs, including a menu of marijuana edibles, flowers, concentrates, and even beverages. ALLweed aims to seek the newest, top-quality medical strains, prioritizing quality over quantity.

Start taking control of your health and wellness today. Create your account on today and start searching today. It is a simple and easy process, but if you have any questions, please call 424-326-6473 or fill out a contact form online. We aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

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