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420 Green Cannabis

420 Green Cannabis is a well known brand in the Swiss Cannabis Industry. We are based in the Italian speaking parts of Switzerland but we have already a good presence in German and French part with a numerous dealers.

We aim to produce, distribute and sell only the best quality CBD Cannabis made in Switzerland.
We have some products that are available also for other market in Europe, for example Italy, France, Цsterreich, UK...

Before introduce a new product on the market we give it to our "Test Team" and only if they approved the product we will put our brand on it. Off course all of our products are notified at Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and at Federal Customs Administration.

Our products are 100% Legal. 

We TRUST in what we DO

Questions can't choose the right service call our hotline at 424-326-6473We'll help you find the best deal!