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Absoulutely Baked

Baking Bad

It began about a decade ago, trying to find alternative medicine for family and friends. And with their encouragement the company came forth. We operated under the name ASB. The founding team began infusing a variety of edibles from cookies to cereal treats; to classic chocolate candies. They got their feet in the door with their homemade signature peanut butter cups. As the years went on, the company changed its name to Absoulutelybaked but still maintained ASB as the parent company.


The owners of Absoulutelybaked find the cannabis industry self-rewarding. By creating canna-infused treats  and using premium ingredients. Absoulutelybaked?s sweet treats exceed expectations and deliver the therapeutic cannabinoid relief you?ve been craving. The Absoulutelybaked team hopes to educate the community on the wellness benefits of cannabis and in the future open a storefront that allows patients to order custom cannabis-infused products.



The master canna-chef in the Absoulutelybaked kitchen begins by infusing the grade-A butter with cannabis plant matter. Once the butter and plant matter have marinated and have gone through the infusion process, Absoulutelybaked adds an extra boost of CBD or THC cannabis distillate to seal the deal on potency.  



Absoulutelybaked is famously known for its peanut butter cups. These creamy cannabis-infused treats are made to perfection and contain up to 100 mg of active THC or CBD content. Patients can also find a full inventory of edibles like medicated cookies and cereal rice treats in fun flavors such as Fruity Pebbles, Cookies and Cream, Cocoa, and Cinnamon. We also offer a line of infused paincreams; which can be scented with essential oils. We are also looking into developing a line of infused lip balms, soaps and bath bombs.


Lab Testing

Absoulutelybaked receives lab testing from cannabis laboratories in Michigan, including Iron Laboratories and ACT Labs. The company is one of the first marijuana companies in the area of Lansing to self mandate regular testing of its cannabis inventory. Absoulutelybaked orders tests of each product for potency content.

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