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Fresh Off The Bud

A fresh approach to concentrates.


Fresh Off The Bud brings the cannabis community of California a premiere selection of marijuana extractions. The team strives to deliver a fresh take on cannabis concentrates, with clean, lab tested vape cartridges, distillate, crystalline, shatter, crumble, and live resin. When you enjoy a dab or puff from one of their concentrates, you?ll understand why they?re called Fresh Off The Bud. Every extraction captures the essence of the strain for an authentic smoking experience that tastes and feels like the fresh flower of your dreams. Toke on extracts with unparalleled purity, potency, and flavor with Fresh Off The Bud.



Fresh Off The Bud is made up of a team of dedicated professionals that share a passion for marijuana. The team banned together to bring the best cannabis concentrates with quality control and consistency that customers can rely upon. The result was a cannabusiness that yields freshness in every run. Today, the Fresh Off The Bud team proudly continues to deliver their line of cannabis concentrates that exude purity and high terpene and cannabinoid content.



Purity is everything for the Fresh Off The Bud team, from the high-quality nugs that comprise their starting material to their unadulterated solvents. Safety is another major cornerstone in the process, both for their employees and the end user. Fresh Off The Bud extract artists begin with high-quality flowers, then process them in an ETL listed closed-loop extraction system that is compliant with code 58 of the National Fire Protection Agency. Then, all solvents are removed from the solution with an oil-free vacuum pump and laboratory-grade vacuum ovens to guarantee Fresh Off The Bud extracts are entirely contamination free. Every batch of concentrate is tracked with a batch number and packed in Fresh Off The Bud?s clean room.



Attach to any 510 vape battery and allow euphoria and bliss to follow with every drag. Fresh Off The Bud offers three sensational strains in their THC Vape Cartridge line. Grapefruit Kush sends a rush of uplifting effects alongside tart citrus flavors. Cali Orange is the perfect vape cartridge for the novice cannabis user. With zesty flavors and  terpene and cannabinoid profiles that leave users soothed and euphoric, this golden distillate is a joy to puff. Black Lime Reserve THC Vape Cartridge offers up bright notes of sweet citrus flavor and euphoric relaxation, and after a few puffs, some even find creative inspiration.


Fresh Off The Bud shatter is just as exciting, and with over a dozen different strains to choose from, the needs of every connoisseur are met and exceeded. They offer Nug Run based shatter from strains like Viper City OG, Fresh Cherries, God?s Gift, Malibu OG, and more. Fresh Off The Bud crumble is swoon-worthy, too and available in delicious Cherry Lemon Tangie Live Resin and Kosher x Tangie Live Resin. Other live resin options include super sweet Honey Bananas and powerfully energetic Double Diesel.


Lab Testing

The safety and efficacy of their concentrates are paramount to the Fresh Off The Bud team, which is why they are proud to offer lab tested cannabis products.

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