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Dry Sift

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Dry sift constitutes a kind of hash, which got its name because of the process itself. This manual technique assists it parting the trichome heads from the plant with the help of meshed screens. The latter sift out dried flowers, take off resinous glands, and purify the extract that is how a granular consistency is achieved.

In ones turn, dry sift hash is made of dried cannabis: the buds are rubbed thoroughly by means of screens, reminding of silk screens that are used mainly for screen print. Due to friction, glands and stalks are parted from the flower in a delicate way. Whats more, this technique helps sort out the best particles, especially when sifting is repeated several times and a series of screen are set in motion at the same time.

Thats why dry sift is considered to be a high-grade artisanal method that is appreciated for its melting and vaporizing capabilities, as well as potency and terpenic profiles.

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