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Black Lime Special Reserve - AU Estates

AFICIONADO STRAIN Steeped in legend and history The Black Lime is a private heirloom strain which descended from the legendary Woodman Canyon Oil Can; a true classic with intense jet fuel and lemon pledge aromas whose lineage, like the `78 L.A. OG Affie, predate the mainstream presence of OG and Chemdawg by more than a decade. Its powerful stance from the illustrious origins of Woodman Canyon Oil Can and Chemdawg Special Reserve gives this selection a pedigree unmatched by conventional varieties as it embodies more than 3 family generations of history, technique, and expertise. Loud and robust frame of hard lime balanced by a vivid screen of crushed mint, citrus perfume, and gasoline soaked lemon drops. AU Estates is proud to carry organic cannabis grown from Aficionado seed. Seed production was limited to 300 packs.
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