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The Bliss Army Pre-Roll Jr - Bohemian Highway Rosin Artists

The Bliss Army Pre-Roll contains 3g of award-winning Sunnabis Mango OG flower (9th Place Emerald Cup) & 1g of Bohemian Highway Rosin Artists rosin. The flower is infused with .5g of Strawberry Banana rosin (pressed within 2 days of harvest) The tip is coated with terpene heavy rosin (flavors vary - usually high in limonene) There are 3 "dab bombs" buried - each .1g of the finest low-temp fresh Strawberry Banana rosin (pressed within 1 day of harvest) The Bliss Army Pre-Roll features a "Break in Case of Emergency" end coated in CBD rosin. The effects of CBD are known to counteract some of the negative effects of THC. If you get too high you can break off the rest (save it for later) & mellow yourself out. All flower is Humboldt sun grown organic by farmers who have given their lives to the inspired cultivation of cannabis. All rosin is made from organic flowers & hand-pressed with passion within 48 hours of harvest at temperatures never exceeding 80C. No freezing - ever. (The Bliss Army Pre-Roll comes in many varieties based on what is fresh at the time of creation)
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