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Magic Medicine - Bud Commander

Magic is the perfect balance between indica and sativa and has extremely powerful narcotic pain relieving effects. Magic Medicine has a truly unique SUPER DANK and  PUNGENT aroma with ivory and wild flower undertones followed by hints of lavender and grape candy. A TRIPLE BAGGER on the odor factor. Breaks apart perfectly. Excellent choice for patients suffering from MS, RA, PTSD, cancer, chronic pain, alcohol or narcotic withdrawl, headaches, seizures, depression, anxiety, loss of appetite, glaucoma, insomnia; neurological, degenergative and auto immune diseases. Very powerful and true medicinal strain providing long lasting pain relief. Very high in THC and terpene content.  Magic is truly A SUPERIOR CULTIVAR. Super strong, super smooth, super dank, super sticky, super resinous and super fantastic. It doesn't get any better then these grains of sand like resin of Magic Medicine. Not a strain for the light toker. It is very potent. Top quality indoor organically grown flower by The Bud Commander.
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