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HYBRID 50% INDICA 50% SATIVA GENETICS: MASTER KUSH X OG KUSH THC: 25.3% This is the kind of flower you can tell behaved like an A+ student. Genetically, it?s an exceptional strain, but the grower was able to coax excellence out of it. It looks exactly as it should and just might have been cured by a savant. It has everything going for it: visuals, smell, taste, and effect. The trichomes are gorgeous and blanketed on tight, lime green calyxes. Under a brighter light, subtle mottled chartreuse pops out. The overall effect is a verdant platinum shine. The smell is unquestionably piney. A whiff of clementine is there as is a funk that might remind you of the humus on the floor of an old growth forest after a rain. If you?ve ever foraged for mushrooms in Redwoods, you know the smell. Smoke on the inhale is ever so subtly sweet like a sugar cookie. The exhale has a dryness like the cork from a bottle of white wine. It coats your tongue with soft diesel fume. This strain is not fooling around. It has a well-deserved reputation for heaviness and will definitely put you into the couch if you go hard. This is an ideal choice for getting a night of restful sleep. The next day you will feel alive and less anxious.
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