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TYPE: HYBRID 50/50 GENETICS: CITRUS SAP X KUSH THC: 25.7% This unique flower?s elegant calyxes are well powdered with sugary trichomes. It was clearly well cared for and cured. There?s a pronounced citrus smell that?s fresh fruit with a dash of lemon poppyseed muffin. After grinding, you might pick up some sweet berry notes. The flavor has a subtle nutty spice to it. There?s an oddly creamy smokiness that?s a bit like taking a deep inhale in a yoga class where the teacher might?ve gone a little heavy on the incense. It?s thick, gentle, and downright mystical. It?s a surprisingly energizing strain. You?ll want to listen to some up-tempo music and tap your feet. This feeling lasts quite a while, so you can start slow and unwind at your own pace without worrying about an uneven experience. With a heavier dose, the energy remains, but it shifts gears into a steady lid-lowering tranquility. If you like to geek out over genetics and contemplate future cup winners, you?d do well to explore this flower. Tangie heritage accounts for the jubilance you?ll feel. The inclusion of Gorilla Glue gives it great flavor and deeper kick. This is one of those strains that will excite someone who?s looking for something a little off the beaten path.
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