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Hybrid Weed

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Hybrids are cannabis varieties that have emerged as a result of crossing two or more different kinds of cannabis. This means that there is no natural origin of hybrid weeds. Breeders constantly experiment with different varieties of cannabis, combining them to improve the quality and make new hybrid marijuana. Thus, new hybrid cannabis varieties are constantly being created.

The possibilities of creating hybrid weed strains are largely endless. After all, any two or more hybrid weed strains can be combined, be it indica + sativa, sativa + ruderalis, or indica + sativa + ruderalis. Crossing different types of cannabis into one hybrid marijuana strains, which as a result will have characteristics of two or more original hybrid weed plants, is a century old tradition. Since this began to occur from the very beginning of cultivation of cannabis by a man.

The determination of the properties of cannabis hybrids is difficult. Such an indicator will completely depend on the genetics of the parent plants. But even then, it may be difficult to accurately determine the properties of the new hybrid that have been transferred from parents to the "baby."

In most hybrids, one of the parental species will tend to show predominance. For example, say you crossed an indica and a sativa, and then crossed again with another indica. It is likely that the genetics of Indica will be above 50% and, thus, the hybrid strains of weed will mainly show the characteristics of the indica. Such a hybrid variety will be called a "hybrid with a predominance of Indica". That is, this variety, basically, is characterized by the properties of the indica, but still has several characteristics of the sativa.

As for the effects of marijuana hybrid plants, as well as properties, it will completely depend on the genetics of the parents. Hybrids can differ greatly in their effects, which is due to the superiority of the characteristics of one of the parents.

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