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Sativa Weed

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Sativa (or hemp seed) is one of the two cannabis varieties that underlie the selection of this plant. A pure variety is very difficult to grow, the seeds of cannabis sativa must grow in the same climatic conditions that were created by nature in the homeland of this plant. Therefore, most often the growers prefer to buy sativa, which is more adapted to the local climate, this is the most simple and inexpensive way to achieve a good harvest with the desired quality characteristics.

Sativa weed has a pronounced psychoactive effect on the central nervous system, causing a surge of energy, a sharp improvement in mood, laughter. After consuming sativa weed high in a pure form or in the form of derivatives, a person is prone to increased motor activity, so sativa weed plant is used in medicine to neutralize depressed states, treat depression.

The collection of sativa high is carried out from plants that bear fruit in the habitat, and the qualitative parameters of the plant (including the chemical composition) are strongly dependent on the geography of the growth.

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Until the middle of the last century, sativa weed strains were used as a production raw material rather widely. Not only ropes and tissues were made from it, active research was carried out for use in the medical industry. Moreover, sativa marijuana plant was used for the production of biocomposite materials, and the oil obtained was converted into an efficient and environmentally friendly fuel.

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