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1:1 300mg CBD & 300mg THC Vape Juice 15mL - PurPharms

Get your favorite CBD/THC Ejuice in a cost effective bottle. This 300mg bottle is equivalent to 20mg/1mL of CBD and 20mg/1mL of THC cartridge. Refill your cartridge 15 times with each bottle! Cartridge Equivalent 20mg CBD and 20mg THC per mL Cartridge.  Average dosing Average about 150 puffs per mL 20mg CBD = .13mg of CBD per puff                                                                                                          20mg THC = .13mg of THC per puff                                                                                                             Dose accordingly. 15mL bottle contains a total of 600mg of Cannabinoids Our Vape Juice comes in 30mL bottles so you can conveniently add your favorite flavored vape juice and enjoy a medicated eJuice! Shake and enjoy! Use only PG based flavors or eJuice
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