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The name of vaporizers (device using steam instead of smoke) comes from the English word vaporize - evaporation. Many marijuana lovers choose vape pens for weed and THC vape pens for one, simple reason: researchers believe that cannabis vape pen causes much less harm to health than burning, whose products can contain carcinogens and irritate the respiratory tract. Steam has a much lower temperature compared to smoke and does not contain harmful chemical elements.

Depending on the technology, vape pen marijuana or marijuana Vape Pen can be designed for dry or oily substances.

What is the principle of the vaporizer?

Vape pens for marijuana use one of two types of heating mechanism, allowing to extract the active elements from the flower , turning them into steam. Cannabinoids begin to evaporate at a temperature of 140 degrees, while combustion begins with only 230. In this temperature range, vaporizers work, and some even allow the user to set the temperature he needs, thereby controlling the amount of desired substances in the starting product.

If the oil vape pen for cannabis is based on a conductive heating element, the weed is placed directly on the heated surface (most often a wire or a grid). The element heats up to the desired temperature, transferring it to the substance and thereby turning cannabinoids and oils into steam.

The principle of conventional vaporizer differs from conduction: the weed herb is placed in such a vaporizer does not have direct contact with the heating element. The air is heated in a separate chamber, and then moves to the compartment with the substance, bringing it to a temperature sufficient for evaporation.

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