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Big Daddy's Vape Cartridge - XJ-13 - Big Daddy Edibles

Go BIG with Big Daddy's premium distillate vape cartridge with natural terpene flavoring. Big Daddy's Vape Cartridge delivers 1/2 Gram of cannabis-derived distillate oil with no residual solvents, testing at zero ppm, the only thing added are natural terpenes to create a rich and complex flavor. With Big Daddy?s Distillate Vape Cartridge, nothing but pure cannabinoids and terpenes grace your palate. For clean and potent high with concentrate developed by a seven-time award-winning brand, Big Daddy?s all you need. 1/2 Gram Premium Distillate Added Natural Terpenes Glass Cartridge with Ceramic coil Zero PPM / Solvents
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