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A disposable weed pen is a type of electronic cigarette that can not be refueled or charged. Has a fixed life (usually 500-800 puffs), after exhaustion which requires a replacement. Because of the low price and compactness - this is the best option for non-regular smokers. Its also a great option on the road.

So, if after long or not very thought, you decided to try disposable cannabis Vape Pen, immediately there will be many questions. Which model to choose? What is better - this or that? What tastes are there? How to order legal marijuanaseeds faster? And so on. Here are answers to those questions.

To begin with, you should realize that disposable marijuana vaporizer of any model will save you from having to buy liquid for refueling, and also look for a charger in different bags (especially important for ladies!).

The best quality models of weed pen disposable, which is available, are presented on our website, with all the necessary characteristics, such as the appearance (several photos from different angles), sizes, life (average 500 puffs are calculated), taste range, usage and other

The purchase the THC disposable Vape Pen is extremely urgent for those, who have not yet decided on the purchase of a full-fledged kit. You can try a disposable hookah or a cigarette, treat yourself to different tastes, and then stop picking on one thing and buy a reusable electronic cigarette.

Disposable Vape Pen weed can contain nicotine or be without it, it all depends on the content inside. This, as they say, to your taste. As for the disposable vaporizer weed and pen, they are not different from reusable ones. The principle remains the same. You inhale the vapor obtained from a special liquid, and release it, while the body does not get that huge amount of dangerous substances from tobacco, as when smoking conventional cigarettes.

So, check our dealers in the catalogue on the webpage and choose the one, that suits you the best and buy it online and the product will be delivered to you within hours.

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