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Vape Pens Hybrid

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Hybrid vape is mechanical vape device, which is controlled completely in manual mode. They are different due to their simplicity and reliable design. Their routine maintenance, repair and modernization will not cause serious difficulties and can be made by own forces.

On the same mechanical mode can be installed a normal connector and hybrid. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages. The conventional adapter 510, due to the presence of a spring-loaded pin, provides a safer circuit closure of the electrical circuit. Using hybrid mod vape is easier, because. do not need to follow the sequence of installation of the atomizer and battery. The price for comfort is an increase in the size of the mehmod. Those who pay attention to the parameters of a wipe device, it is necessary to pay attention to the possibility of using the hybrid vape mod. It is screwed into the mechanical mode and practically does not change its dimensions. Also, this adapter allows to achieve an increase in the contact area, which ensures a minimum voltage drop in the operating mode. This is fundamentally important for obtaining a large amount of well saturated steam.

The hybrid connector of the hybrid vape mod is a metal washer. Vape hybrid mod is designed for the use of one or more batteries and can work in conjunction with atomizers in which unattended or serviced evaporators are installed. In the latter case, the viper can independently choose the type of spiral and wick used. For correct operation of the electronic cigarette, which excludes the occurrence of a short circuit, it is necessary to use evaporators with a protruding contact. Mechanical devices for a wipe allow you to experiment in the widest possible range. As a result of various combinations of structural elements, it is possible to obtain the most unique steaming modes, which is very appreciated by experienced steamers.

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