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* We are COMPLETELY ONLINE - No more doctor's office visits! * Print out your recommendation letter IMMEDIATELY upon approval by our doctor! * GROWER'S RECOMMENDATION - BRAND NEW!!! - See Below * $39.99 - Standard Recommendation * $59.99 - ID Card + Recommendation: Top Choice!!! * $139.99 - ID Card + Grower's Recommendation - Up to 99 Plants * Not billed unless approved by our doctor! * HIPPA Compliant (between you and the doctor only) and totally secure! Click on ---------------------------------->------------------->-------------------->--------------------->---------------------->------------------->------------------->---------------------->

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If you would like to download our App and see the doctor, go the Google Play or iTunes store and search for 420recs. PRINT OUT YOUR LETTER IMMEDIATELY UPON APPROVAL BY OUR DOCTOR! Just go online to and follow the three easy steps. STEP 1: Fill out a short questionnaire and billing information. STEP 2: Have an online consultation with our doctor. If he approves you, STEP 3: Print out your recommendation letter (which is verifiable in every dispensary in the state). YOU ARE NOT BILLED UNLESS OUR DOCTOR APPROVES YOU. A hand-signed letter will arrive in the mail a few days later. Overnight shipping is available. With there are no more long doctor's office visits. Follow the three simple steps and get your recommendation letter at the incredibly low price of $39.99. Fast, easy, and affordable, please visit now.
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